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These podcasts contain some pretty rude material which, entertaining as they may be, shouldn't be confused with Mark's radio work. For the demo tapes, visit the sounds page or Mark's MySpace.

Welcome to the glorious homepage for an equally glorious new approach for the Mark Fox show!

After five long years more-or-less off the air, Mr. Fox (which was the name of my old RE teacher, rumoured to be dead now) decided to hop on the latest internet bandwagon and produce a fine half hour of aural pleasure for all those who used to enjoy the manic banana-throwing, callers straight-to-air nature of the old Mark Fox radio show, free for all fans to download, and listen to at your pleasure. Be it while sat at home, whiling the night away, or on your MP3 player to lighten the mood during a trip to Pound Stretcher.

Use the links down the right to subscribe to the podcast using iTunes, or indeed whatever podcast handling program you've got, or just download the episodes individually, and hopefully soon we'll have a site with a bit more information, and a bit more help on how to subscribe to a podcast if you're not entirely sure what's going on. I mean I don't and I made the site.

Like what you're hearing? Want to hear more? Drop Mark a line and let him know!

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Individual Episodes
Episode 12 - 30/12/13
Episode 11 - 16/12/13
Episode 10 - 03/11/13
Episode 9 - 07/10/13
Episode 8 - 04/05/13
Episode 7 - 25/07/07
Episode 6 - 06/02/07
Episode 5 - 20/11/06
Episode 4 - 12/10/06
Episode 3 - 08/07/06
Episode 2 - 13/04/06
Episode 1 - 10/02/06

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